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If you don't see what you're looking for, or aren't sure exactly what services you might need, feel free to reach out with questions to help you take the next steps.

Individual Therapy

During individual therapy sessions, we will work together to identify your goals and barriers to change. Individual therapy can focus on a specific problem or concern, or can be a more general opportunity for self-exploration. Individual therapy generally occurs weekly.

Eating Disorder Assessment & Treatment
I provide comprehensive assessment, including collaboration with medical and other providers to generate diagnostic and treatment recommendations. Often clients are uncertain about how to describe their own or their loved one's eating patterns, or have been recommended by another healthcare professional. After assessment, we will discuss therapy and other treatment options. 
Couples Therapy​

Couples therapy offers an opportunity to work through issues and strengthen relationships with a nonjudgmental third-party who won't take sides. All couples struggle from time to time, and therapy is one way to help get "unstuck" from old conflicts and patterns.

Group Therapy
Group therapy is a powerful way to better understand how we are in the context of our relationships. Humans are social creatures, and relationships of all sorts shape how we exist in the world.
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Current Group Offerings

Interpersonal Process Group for Adults

This group is at this time reserved for current clients, but if you are interested, please contact me for other opportunities.

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