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Frequently Asked Questions

Does therapy help? Yes! From the American Psychological Association in 2012, "Psychotherapy teaches patients life skills that last beyond the course of treatment. The results of psychotherapy tend to last longer than psychopharmacological treatments and rarely produce harmful side effects." (Read more). Everyone's experience in therapy is unique, and effective psychotherapy should be tailored to best serve your individual needs. In the event that you don't feel therapy is effective, we'll address your concerns and change our work, or I will help you to find a therapist who is a better fit for you. 

What should I expect at my first session? Arrive a few minutes early to your first appointment. Your first session will include discussion about what brings you to therapy, and any past experiences you have had with therapy or other mental health treatment. We will also discuss what you hope to achieve - there is no right answer! Often people are uncertain what exactly they would like to address, but know that something feels wrong or missing in their lives. Other times, you might not have any particular concern, but may want to learn more about yourself. You aren't expected to have all of the answers at any point, whether it's your first or last session.

Do you take insurance?  I am an out of network provider, which means that I do not directly bill insurance companies. I prefer to work directly with you versus your insurer about treatment decisions. However, I am experienced in assisting clients in obtaining reimbursement from insurance carriers. Contact your "Member Services" line to find out whether you have any out of network benefits or reimbursement, and what criteria must be met (e.g. deductible, treatment limits) to access those benefits. Even if you don't have out of network benefits, we may still find a way to utilize your health insurance to support your mental health treatment. We will talk further about your individual options during your first session. 

How long are sessions, and what does it cost?  Contact me directly to talk about fees for the services that you are seeking. Individual and couples therapy sessions are 45 minutes in length. Initial assessment is 60 minutes in length for adults (individuals and couples), and 75 minutes for adolescents. Eating disorder assessments may vary in length and number of sessions, and will be determined based on your individual needs. 

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